Metamorphic Technique

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'It is not the earth that gives - it's the roots that take'

Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder



The Metamorphic Technique is simple, yet deep and unique approach to life, healing and transformation. The practice consists of a subtle work on parts on feet, hands and head and an innerr attitude of Detachment, a deep acknowledgment of what is.


Metamorphic Technique practitioners do not impose their will or seek to direct the recipient's life force in any way. We fully acknowledge the uniqueness of the person, and we understand that the power and intelligence that is eeded for healing, change and/or transformation is already inherent in each of us.


The practice is gentle and easy to learn. Since no special ability or bckground is needed, it is accesible to everyone. Most people report that they experience a session as relaxing and pleasant. Some describe it as if they were nourished from a deep source.


A session usually lasts 60 minutes. For children often shorter.


In a seminar you will learn the practice of the Metamorphic Technique, the light touch on feet, hands and head. We explore the attitude of Detachment and the Universal Principle of Correspondenence in depht and the historical context of the Metamorphic Technique. We look at the prenatal time and birth patterns. All of this can help us in finding an understanding of how the patterns we live our life with came into existence and how these same patterns contribute to our uniqueness.


Our focus is on exploring what it is that may bring transoformation about in order to expand the potential of us individual and of the world as such.


The Metamorphic Technique was founded by Gaston Saint-Pierre who grew up in Canada and went to live in London from where he travelled the world to teach this unique work he in the end called to be a ritual pointing to the power of life that is inherent in each of us.


Marianne Neuhaus met Gaston Saint-Pierre for the first time 1997 and trained extensively with him. Through her organisation of Gaston's seminars in Switzerland for many years, she also became a close friend of Gaston. She has been teaching Metmaorphic Technique since 2003, first in Switzerland and after Gaston Saint-Pierre's passing (2011) internationally.






26. Januar 2024

13:00 - 18:00


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