Metamorphic Technique®



'It is not the earth that gives - it's the roots that take'

Gaston Saint-Pierre



You can find detailed information about the Metamorphic Technique on the website of the Metamorphic Association


Marianne Neuhaus has been learning, teaching, writing and translating in English and German with and for the Metamorphic Association for several years now.


Therefore she is available to teach Metamorphic Technique courses in English as well. If you wish to organise a seminar with her for English speaking people, or you require a translator from English into German for your course, please contact her.









Nächste Austauschtreffen in Lenzburg:

Dienstag, 5.Nov. 19

Donnerstag, 5.Dez. 19

Sandweg 7, Lenzburg

Kosten: 15.-

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