Protecting the integrity of Metamorphic Technique
From Eddie O'Brien, president of the educational charitable trust Metamorphic Association. About the essence of Metamorphic Technqiue and the importance of protecting its integrity. Published 2020 in the onlinemagazine
Prtcting the integrity of Metamorphic Te
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The miracle of life unfolding
(Marianne Tuor-Neuhaus, published in the march issue 2007 of the magazine of the paracelsus-center)
It’s more than ten years now since I attended a weekend workshop with Gaston Saint-Pierre, founder of the Metamorphic Association in London and author of the books mentioned at the end of the article. There where two courses, one about the Metamorphic Technique and the other about the Universal Principles. These three intensive days changed my life for good. My mind didn’t understand all that much during that weekend but on another level something very deep was touched.
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Embracing Life
This article is a transcription of the beginning of a lecture Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of Metamorphic Technique, gave in Switzerland in March 2010. I may has been the last public lecture he gave and the whole lecture is available as a DVD. It is held in English with translation into German.
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